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New Budget Notices Website Launched for White County


White County and the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance have created and launched a new budget notice website that will provide taxpayers with the ability to view budget notices in one central online location.


BudgetNotices.IN.Gov will assist White County citizens who want to attend and stay involved with the budgets of their local government units. Taxpayers will be able to view all local government units in White County, search by their address, or use an interactive map tool. This website has been designed to promote the importance of budget notices and the role that they play in the daily lives of Indiana taxpayers.


BudgetNotices.IN.Gov allows taxpayers the opportunity to view budget notices at their convenience and not depend on following a printed publication. “Budget notices are vital to transparency,” said Micah Vincent, commissioner of the Department of Local Government Financing. “It is important that the State continues to pursue opportunities to the benefit Indiana taxpayers and this is a step in the right direction.”


Taxpayers that do not have Internet access or have difficulties with the website may contact the Department of Local Government Finance at (888) 739-9826 and request a paper copy of the notices for their local government units.


BudgetNotices.IN.Gov is available on the Indiana Gateway for Government Units. Gateway is the primary collection and publishing tool for local government units submitting their required reports to the State of Indiana.  It has the benefits of digital collection into a robust data warehouse and immediate accessibility by taxpayers.


BudgetNotices.IN.Gov was established with the passage of House Enrolled Act 1266. The budget notices application was developed to provide Hoosiers with another way to learn about the budget process for the local taxing units and in particular, to know when hearings would be held on next year’s proposed budgets. 


The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance is the state agency that oversees the property tax and local government budgeting system in Indiana.


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  • Gayle Rogers, White County Auditor – 574/583-1515
  • Jenny Banks, State of Indiana Director of Communications – 317/234-4376 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.